Diamond Deal

Diamond Deal There are various ways to entertain and the diamond deal is one of this ways. Before choosing to play it is advisable you know the rules of the game. This makes it simpler for you to know what is happening and when you have already won. With the continued betting regulating diamond deal is an open game that is directly related to you as it doesn’t include a third part of deciding on your winning criteria.

How to play

This game involved hunting 10 diamonds from a selection of 50. Anytime you get your diamond your prize increases and you have the option of cashing in or out. Opening a blank reduces the life and opening a diamond restores back the number of diamond boxes.

Winning the jackpot of the diamond deal is getting all the ten squares of diamond in a row. However, it is optional and fun as any click to a box including a diamond results to a calculated win and this continues to increase with the search for diamond is on. Any click on a box empty means the prize display will change and lowers it. The player has the option of cashing out for the diamond won or else lose the bet with the diamond miss.

Rules of the game

Diamond DealThe player is the determining factor to play or not in the case of a win it is possible to continue or cash out. The fun of the game is the number of the squares opened and the increase and decrease of the prize depend on with the diamond deal struck.

The higher the amount of money you place the bet the higher the jackpot. Jackpot automatically pays for the win once the target number of squares is reached.

It is always played by people above 18 years for its legality and claiming the prize won.
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